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I come with fanfiction!  Aarti, stay away until you've finished Princess Tutu...once you've finished watching you can join in the squee.  By the way, I MADE NAEEM NOT-MAN-SQUEE!!!

>=D  I infected him.  Brutally.


TitleFirst Sign of Autumn
Fiction Rating:  K+
Genre:  Tragedy / Romance
Warnings:  This one is RIDICULOUSLY sad.  A major tear-jerker.  Use caution.
Summary:  Fakir breaks his promise; he will not stay by her side anymore. FakirxAhiru

He comes by her lake every day.


TitleHorrible Taste
Fiction Rating:  K+
Genre:  Romance
Warnings:  This one is really cute, I'd say.  I don't know if there are any warnings for it.
Summary:  It was quite an emotional roller coaster for the both of them. FakirxAhiru

He greeted others with a scowl that screamed, “You annoy me. Die.”


TitleOne Spoonful
Fiction Rating:  T
Genre:  Humor / Romance
Warnings:  MAJOR SQUEE ALERT!  This one made Naeem go into fangirl mode (and don't you deny it, because you know it's true).  Oh, and a slight warning for Fakir's minor pervertedness.  xD
Summary:  He fell into a fountain, was publicly humiliated, couldn't breathe through his nose, puked hell knows how many times, had to swallow the most disgusting substance on the planet, and endured Ahiru straddling his lap. Yes, Fakir had a fever. FxA Fluff

Patheticism. That wasn’t even a word. Was he so ill that he resorted to creating his own vocabulary?


Enjoy, everyone!  >=D 


Curse of the Dragon Soundtrack

So thankful that this is finally done! (It took a couple of weeks to compile!)

No spoilers past chapter 12, but as I update the story, I will also update this soundtrack.

Songs will be added as I go along, so I'll post reminders to check this entry frequently. These songs are all primarily instrumental with little to no vocals.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these songs and they all belong to their respective composers / writers. They are only used for entertainment purposes.

Now, without further ado, the soundtrack for my story, Curse of the Dragon!

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Special thanks to Evanescences Angel for the inspiration and Nick, Cyrus, and Sammie for being my music crew!!




Drivers on a major road in Austin, Texas got a surprise: electronic traffic signs bearing warnings including, "Zombies ahead!  Run for your lives!" and "Nazi Zombies!  Run!!!"

Hackers programmed the signs.  Pranksters cut the padlocks on the computers for several signs and programmed the zombie messages.  The hackers also changed the computer passwords, making it difficult for city officials to reprogram the signs.  The officials weren't laughing.  "This is really serious, and it is a crime," a city spokeswoman told KXAN TV.

The city spokeswoman is not amused.  Trisha, on the other hand, is getting a kick out of this.

Now, children, the moral of the story is, hackers have all sorts of fun that normal kids just don't have.

...I love being a hacker...

"The end is near!!!!!  Run for cold climates!"  xD Awesome.

Hahaha Oh wow...

Okay, so...all day I was studying for finals with my friend.

We pretty much had all the material down, and so we began talking about Princess Tutu...

And she POISONED me. Dx

I swear, I didn't mean for it to come to this--it's not colored, not...detailed...I stopped myself before I went too far. I'm not the best artist in the world. But, THERE IT WAS on the back of the sheet I was supposed to be studying...

Gah...I don't think it needs any warnings...there's nothing showing, but please correct me if I should take it off or something...

Ahiru's hair is down because I like it. =P Oh...and that hand...feel free to wipe that from your sight forever.



Fangirling? Why, yes I am.

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Sneak Peek

A few lines from future chapters of COTD, even if you can't really tell.  These are rather spoiler-free...consider them somethings like trailers for a movie...only just lines from a story.


"I have everything I could possibly need."

"Everything a perfect man could possibly need, but we're human, aren't we?  Aren't you?  Surely, somewhere inside, you must know that.  You'll need love and you'll need happiness and you'll never find it this way.  There's only one thing you can't give for your heart's desire.  That's your heart.  Sometimes the price is just too high."


A sad smile touched his lips.  "Let me go, idiot."

He felt her chuckle against him, hiding a sob.  "Can''ll have to pry me off..."

Something had changed between them, so softly at first that it had taken her this long to notice it, the subtle shifting of the winds in the meadow.

She had an inkling outside Raven's cottage that afternoon, when his eyes had pulled her in with so little effort.

What had alerted her more was the fact that she hadn't wanted to free herself, content to stay captive in his gaze forever, frozen into crystalline memory by the power of his intense stare.

She didn't know quite what to make of these new feelings for him, or perhaps, she didn't want to analyze them too closely.


Feeling a deep blush rise in her cheeks, she mentally berated herself.  She should not even be there.  Did she have no sense of modesty?  What was she thinking?

She wasn't thinking.


Sooner or later, one of them would have to leave the other.  In a fight, a war, a death.  Whichever way.  But you live, you love, you lose, and then you go on.  Let it all fall down.

The greatest gift anyone could ever give you after they leave, next to love, is the strength to move forward.

But not yet.

They'll hang on as long as they can.

Maybe people were just really made that way.


This time, she knew why she couldn't move away.

She wanted this.


End of the previews for now, guys!  Hope it sparked your interest!